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Turn Your Goal Into Reality

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7 Facts you need to know to turn your goal into Reality.


1.    You need to know what you want – sounds silly? Well most people can not actually describe what they really want!

2.    Your goal needs to be specific, precise, focused on exactly what you want, in every detail.

3.    Your goal needs to be measurable – how will you know when you have achieved this goal.

4.    Your goal needs to be actioned – no point having a dream if when you define the route you need to take to get that dream – all you do is sit on the couch!

5.    Your goal needs to be realistic – even with the biggest goals they can be broken into realistic parts.

6.    Your goal needs to be timed – when will you have achieved that goal, completed that task.

7.    Your goal needs to be visualised as if it has already been achieved. This should be done regularly and become integrated as part of your thought system.

3 Things people fail to do!

Often people fail to write their goals down and they do not write them specifically with explicit and timed events.

Most people have “fluffy goals” and do not really know what they want. When asked – they more often than not give a vague statement like “ I just want to make lots of money” or “I want to be happy”  Honestly how can anyone achieve their life’s desires if they can not explain what that is in every finest detail?

Nearly all – 97% of people not only do not write their goals down and do not clearly know what they want but they do not visualise what their life would be like if they had already achieved that goal. Once you do master the art of visualisation then the goal becomes part of you and your future.

3 Things you can do Right Now!

Grab a note book, and write in it 10 things you love, the first things that come to mind. Then turn the page and write 10 things you dislike. Turn the page and write 10 things you want.

Then on a NEW page – take one thing you want and write it at the top of the page in Capital Letters. Now, write on the rest of that page and more if you can explaining everything about what you want and what you might have to do to get it.

Take the item that you want and make a Vision Board about it – find photos, images, words and symbols that represent exactly what you want. Remember be clear. focus on what you want for you, and no-one else.

Hang this board where you will see it regularly.

Back to you book – turn the page and write about your life once you have achieved this goal. I want you to write a paragraph on what you See, Hear, Smell, Taste, Feel and one on what your intuition is feeling like!! Explain everything in detail.

You want something you need to do something – often something different!!

“It is not always our abilities that hold us back, it is often our lack of courage to act”

If your intention is to experience wealth and achieve your goals, then this directly depends on your mindset – change the way you look at things and things you look at change. This is one of the Secrets to attracting an abundance of money and real wealth into your life and that of your family.

One of the reasons that Vision Boards are so successful is that not only are you refining your goals and stating your goals, you are visualising those goals and putting them down on a board in picture and word form. So you get to look at you life as if you have already achieved it then as you change the world changes for you.

Start Now!

about the author

Helen Denney-Stone, mentor, author and coach. She has studied and observed cognition and behavioural sciences for over a decade and is considered an expert on human behaviour and personal transformation. A specialist in entrepreneurial business, internet marketing and sales psychology, her expertise give an unbeatable blend of psychology and internet marketing.

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