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Creating Your Future

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7 Facts on how to Create your Future.

1. Visualisation is one of the most powerful ways to create your future.

2. The most successful entrepreneurs use this process to envisage their success, before it happens.

3. The process of visualisation involves all your senses and involves forming detailed metal images.

4. This process can and is used over all areas of life from relationships, to business, wealth creation to self development.

5. Many top fortune 500 companies train their staff in visualisation.

6. Gaining clarity on your goals before visualising greatly improves the power and process of manifestation.

7. Creating your future as if you have already achieved your goal is the best way to manifest your dreams.

How to Create your Future

To have the most successful form of visualisation and therefore the most powerful form of manifestation you should use all your senses.

Let me explain…..

When forming a mental picture of your self having achieved your goal you should ensure that, you do not just see yourself achieving your goal, you hear yourself, you hear yourself talk at that time and you hear what others around you may be doing. You can smell the environment around you, or the actions you are taking – if your goal is to become a top chef – you can smell each and every item you are cooking.

Whatever your goal is associate the smells.

The same goes for taste, even if your goal is being a millionaire what does that taste like to you?

Very, very importantly too you can feel the experience, feel your dream, your goal, feel what it will be like when you have achieved your goal.

Also use your sixth sense, the one people call intuition, or that “gut feeling”, one you just know!! Remember this feeling, this knowledge and keep that in your mind too.

This may sound hard or complicated but it is not.

Let me show you just how easy it is ….

Sit down, close your eyes and imagine that you have just gone into the kitchen to bake a cake, a special cake for someone you love, it has something on it or in it that that person likes.

Even if you have never made a cake before just imagine what you would do, smell the ingredients, feel them, you already know what it is going to look like and you can imagine how great it will taste.

Now you are placing the finished cake in front on your loved one so imagine their smile what they say and the great feeling as you watch them happily taste it – you knew all along how terrific it would be.

“The power a man has is not gained from the size of his muscles, but rather from the strength of his vision.”

One of the most effective ways to produce this integration is to create a Vision Boards.

Vision Boards are specific goal orientated visualisations of your desired future in any area of life or as a general Lifestyle board.

Combine a Vision Board with clarity over your goals with our SMART system and you achieve the combined effects of goal clarity, with visualisation.

Keep watching here as I will be writing a blog just on SMART goals and providing a FREE workbook for you to complete.

about the author

Helen Denney-Stone, mentor, author and coach. She has studied and observed cognition and behavioural sciences for over a decade and is considered an expert on human behaviour and personal transformation. A specialist in entrepreneurial business, internet marketing and sales psychology, her expertise give an unbeatable blend of psychology and internet marketing.

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