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Latest in our series of programs. These 90 days will change your life. Weight Trackers - Menu Planner - Exercise Videos - Recipes - Inspirations - Mind Changing Techniques - enabling you to achieve your dreams - Expert help with you 24/7 and Much Much More Included ...

Whilst predominately a program to guarantee weight loss, this program is much much more.


Designed by qualified experts in mind control combined with acclaimed professionals in fitness and nutrition this program incorporates it all.

So if you have dreamed of a super effective way to lose weight and change your lifestyle without really trying then this is the program for you.

You see in this program we get your mind to do the work for and with your body...

What’s Included in the 90 day Program

   Learn and Review Book - pages of great information, easy to fill question and answers to help you achieve your goals. Full of the latest techniques to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

   Hypnosis Slimming MP3 - Re-program your brain slim, using the new brain code to slimming it does the work for you - makes this program a breeze, just automatic.

    Weight Charts - designed for ease of use

   Weight Trackers - help you visualise your success

   Workout Program - should you chose to accept the challenge!

   9 Exercise Videos - expertly crafted to target all areas of the body

   Exercise Book - to accompany your videos -pages of simple explanation - meet our Zion man caricature he shows you how.

   Free BMI (Base metabolic indicator) and BMR (base metabolic rate) calculators easy and fun to use.

   Menu Planner - already designed for you

   Sample Menu - 12 days planned for you - just choose and go

   12 Recipes - easy, quick, fun and great tasting - keep all your choices on the menu

   Our awesome Inspirations Book - 100 inspirations - beautiful

   Your own Lifestyle Vision Board DVD and Book - manifest your dreams - just like in The Secret we show you how you turn your dreams in reality.

   90 Days of email tips - keep you motivated, inspired and pumped.

   Should you choose to accept them a Missions to Complete Book - after extensive research we have put together 21 missions for you to complete. These are the little things that hold some people back. Some you will already do, some you make not have thought of and one or two will really bug ..... to complete or not complete the choice is yours!!

   Chance to Win a holiday for two in the sunshine - depending on venue, time of year et-cetera this is valued between $2,100 and $3,500. Your chance for peace in the sun - strut the new you. (conditions apply see website for details)

What OUR Program is Not!!.....

There is no fad diet

- you do not have to eat disgusting tasting bars, or soup for a week!!

- you do not take pills  or potions,

- you do not need to pay for a trainer or have expensive gym membership,

- there are no weekly meetings and awful and embarrassing weigh-ins, and

- you do not have to give up everything you love.

So listen I am not saying that some of the well known diets don’t work - In fact I am sure they do as I have had many clients who have lost weight on them BUT after losing the weight they seem to find it all again and more!!

Statistically 95% of diets fail and many of these fail because the individual regains the weight they lost and in over 75% of those that regain their weight they actually increase their weight and become more obese.

Yet with all these facts and figures readily available the big slimming companies, with their bars shakes and potions still go for the quick fix - fast weight loss with often disastrous long term effects. I should know, in the past I tried many of them!! It does keep the consumer coming back for more however...

Well the only contact I want from you ever again after completing the 90 day program is the wonderful photos of the new lifestyle and awesome experiences that you send me.

I know you are going to find this hard to believe -  this program gets you quick results, you will feel the kilos falling off - as one client said “it just happened so quickly and easily, without me thinking - almost automatically” .

The difference with this program to others is that the weight will stay away as your body will be functioning differently as your brain is reprogrammed.

We are talking about easy permanent weight loss.

Where you have a Lifestyle you want and all that goes with that.

We are saying program yourself sexy and slim - in fact you do not even have to do it as we do it for you.


Top 7 Reasons Diets Fail and this Program Wins


1.  Most people statistically do not believe they can “stick” to the diet.

Often diets have many rules, routines and conditions that are over whelming.

How many of you have tried one or many diets before with varying levels of success?


Our 90 Day Program works - it takes into account the fragility and lack of confidence you may have. After all - think of it this way if every time you walked a certain way home you fell over then very soon you would expect to fall over every time you walked that way - well we take you a different way on a new route so that you do not fall over and do not expect to fall. Then we go back and change the original way home so that is looks and feels different so that you can  choose either route without ever falling over again.


  1. 2.  Diets make you feel deprived.

Diets always concentrate on what you can’t eat or can’t do. This focuses the mind on what you are missing or what this diet is cheating you out of - Diets = I can’t have and it is always something you like!


Our 90 Day Program works - it focuses on what you want. It does not deprive you of anything. All food is available. You do not have to go without in fact we ask you to keep your favourite treats and have a day of indulgence planned every week. There are important emotional and physical factors dependent on you having freedom of choice and not being deprived this is core to your success.


  1. 3.  Diets are temporary

By the very nature of a diet “a special course of food to which a person restricts themselves for a period of time to lose weight” means that you do this until the weight is lost or you give up  - then what ?


Our 90 Day Program works  - You are not stupid and neither is your mind both know this is just for a set period and is restrictive so consequently when that period is over it is no longer restricted - hey presto all behaviours return to what they were before the diet. We ensure that this does not happen with re-programing you create new habits and values allowing you to everlastingly stay on track.


  1. 4.  Diets are often built to fail  - Pills bars potions are a temporary fix.

The cynical side of me knows that in big business one does not build a product that does not have you the customer returning for more wether through repair or renewal - products are not built to last forever


Our 90 Day Program works  - A program that lasts forever, so that when you complete the 90 day program we do not expect to ever see you again on this site for any of our weight loss programs - I am sure you may be curious to you to pop back for our other products, maybe different hypnosis tapes for other areas of your life or our books, DVD’s inspirations or recipes - But you will Not need to redo any weight loss program .


  1. 5.  People get easily Disillusioned

In our society everything is fast people want it now instantly and without too much effort - people are easily disillusioned with their weight loss speed as they require instant results if they don't come quickly they are disillusioned and consequently give up.


Our 90 Day Program works - it gets fast results avaoiding any disapointment and because you do not feel as if you are having to think or try to lose weight there is no stress just simple quick and easy results.


  1. 6.  The need for tremendous Willpower

Some diets and regimes are hard and all require willpower and discipline and any slippage from the set plan causes a wave of negative emotions and often a “falling off the wagon”


Our 90 Day Program works  - as This program is neither hard to follow or hard to do. It is however fun - so be careful as you may just become addicted to it - and the lifestyle. Also guess what? - slippage is accepted in fact we expect slippage at least once a week.


  1. 7.  Diets are Boring

You know what I mean here - don’t you - always having to watch what you eat and what you are eating often tastes odd or horrible and you just keep going under the old motto “there is no gain without pain”. Who did come up with that daft saying?

Then there is all the other things you have to do or must not do requiring relentless attention and grueling willpower.


Our 90 Day Program works - Truth is you were not born fat - as a baby you knew when you were full and stopped eating.

You have learnt how to be fat - you have taught your body how to store reserves for you.

So we teach you how to learn to be slim - unlearn the fat program and replace it with the slim program, simple and fast. We show you how to let your body know that you do not need all those reserves and in fact how holding onto those reserves is harmful. This sets you body and mind together working empathetically for your good and the weight just slips of

Price: $197.00


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