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Hypnosis – Why it Works

Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapists and experts on our team have recorded some of the finest hypnosis tapes. Let your mind do the work for quick results…

That’s right, we’re going to give you the tools and show you how to use them so your mind works for you.

Hypnosis Let’s start at the beginning.

For those of you that are unsure and in some cases a complete skeptic about hypnosis, let us demystify and uncover what hypnosis is and why it really does work.


The technical definition of hypnosis is the bypass of the critical faculty. Your critical faculty is the part of your mind that accepts or rejects all incoming information. It acts as a filter to the millions of bits of information you are bombarded with every minute of the day and these filters are based on your own values and beliefs. As an example, you are looking at upgrading your car and have been looking at a certain model and colour (let’s say it’s a Blue Mini Cooper with racing stripes). As you are driving around how many Mini Cooper’s do you see on the road? Every one you drive past, all because it is what you are currently focusing on, whereas before you were thinking of buying one, you may have subconsciously seen them but they wouldn’t have registered in the same way. This is your critical faculty at work.

So what happens when you bypass your critical faculty?
You allow your conscious and unconscious minds to communicate. It gives one the ability to clearly focus without the interference of conscious thought, and this is why hypnosis is so powerful. All of the doubts, fears, limiting beliefs and other negative thoughts are silenced, which allows one’s true inner potential to emerge.

You may also hear hypnosis described as being in a state of trance. So, what is trance? Trance is something we all do every single day of our lives.

Let’s give you some real life examples.
Think about your day so far. Have you driven anywhere? Do you remember the exact route you took and how many sets of lights you stopped at? Did you stay on your side of the center line and inside your lane? Do you know how long the trip took? If you answered no to one or all of these questions, it’s because you were in a trance.

Watching television is another classic form of trance. How many times have you tried to talk to your partner, kids or friends while they are watching television and they have completely ignored you? This is because their focus of attention is on the program and they have shut everything else out.

Next time you hear someone say, “I can do that with my eye’s closed”, what they are really saying is “I am unconsciously competent at that task and therefore I can do it without any thought”. In a nutshell that’s what being in a trance is. It’s performing an action without any conscious thought.

Some of the biggest barriers when it comes to hypnotherapy are the fears of the unknown. The fear of being controlled, the fear of being asked to do something against your will and the fear of acting like a dancing chicken. These fears are born mainly from stage hypnotist’s and television shows, where it appears the hypnotist gets people to do things against their will. Can I let you in on a little secret? A hypnotist has no power to make a person do something against their will. What the stage hypnotist does is offer a suggestion (and because he has already tested the suggestibility level of his participants before he keeps them on stage) he knows their is a high chance that the participant will act on his suggestion. If, however, the stage hypnotist suggested something that was completely against the participants values and beliefs, the participant would not do it. This is the same for all hypnosis.

What this means is the power of hypnosis is found in the client, and not in the hypnotherapist. A hypnotherapist is merely a guide, someone to assist an individual enter a heightened state where they can quiet their conscious mind and allow their unconscious the freedom it desires and needs to encourage and promote beneficial change to occur.

Best of all, virtually anybody can benefit from hypnosis. It can be used in many applications including – but definitely not limited to – pain management including childbirth, it can be used to overcome phobia’s and fears, breaking habits, weight loss, managing addictions and unwanted habits (eg smoking, drinking, nail biting), learning strategies, lack of confidence and low self-esteem and of course slimming.

As qualified experts in Clinical Hypnotherapy we see clients covering a variety of problems, stop smoking to ADD. We also have specialists in Virtual Gastric Banding. Pain Management and Phobia Elimination. Click each for more information.

We also have a range of hypnosis recordings available, to find out more click here now.


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