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Experts show you how to get your mind into shape. Program your brain to get what you want. Gain all the motivation you need. Be Inspired. Remove limiting beliefs. Eliminate cravings easily. Empower your life now. Change negative habits into positive characteristics. Starting From…..


Using Hypnosis to Change Your Subconscious

These programs, Mp3‘s and courses are designed by qualified experts in mind control with extensive experience and learning in behavioural sciences, neuro linguistic programing, neuroscience and clinical hypnotherapy.

Why you are like you are

Well, all that you are now – all that all of us are now – our habits, mannerisms, beliefs and thought patterns are results of our past subconscious programming from parents teachers peers, TV, media a variety of sources.

Now this programming can propel us to forward to success, hold us back or create a mixture of both.

There is no need to delve into why we are as we are because we, at this very instant – just are!

What is vitally important is that we understand how our subconscious works and gain self control over its programming.

It is a bit like a computer, we all continuously upgrade the software as we wish to carry out more tasks. In life our parents, teachers et cetera gave us the basic software but as we grow and wish to achieve certain goals or desires we need to upgrade our subconscious software to match.

What is your subconscious

Why does it not automatically upgrade?

Let me start with your conscious mind – your conscious mind refers to everything that is here in the present moment – your awareness. Your conscious directs outcomes, controls thinking, is deliberate and logical, analytical, sequential and cognitive.

We teach our medical students that it is a state of awareness of self and environment that gives significance to stimuli from the internal and external environment. It is based on arousal / alertness and cognitive content of mental functions (sensation, emotion and thought).

Your subconscious or unconscious mind as it is also referred to is like an army of helpers behind the scenes that control everything and protect us.

Your subconscious mind controls your autonomic nervous system all the important functions of your body from breathing to your heart rate are controlled by your subconscious.

Your subconscious is your filing system – your mind stores and creates records of everything that happens to us.

Your subconscious is the seat of your emotions and your imagination two vital parts.

Your subconscious controls your habits, beliefs and values and these are all based on past programming not future desires. They become part of the integrated filing system within you.

Your subconscious is designed to be your servant but like a robot with the wrong programming can become your master.

You see most of our everyday actions and behaviours are unconscious controlled by the subconscious – you do not spend time thinking how to walk, eat, sleep, breath… and often we do not even think before we speak…
Ever heard yourself say – “that’s exactly what my mother or farther would have said” …..
We do not consciously act – we re-act according to our values – without thought instinctively. Yo

Your subconscious is where you would find your intuition.

So why does not such a highly evolved structure not upgrade automatically or just because your conscious brain tells it to.

Well here is the most important aspect of your subconscious, it is your survival tool always its highest priority is to protect you . It will in a micro second give your body orders to “freeze, fight or flight” in states of fear, it is the part that can make you pass out if too much pain is inflicted it protects at the basic level. However it also protects you against things that you have taught it, let me give you an example:-

Someone who is afraid of heights – acrophobia. When you were born you were not afraid of heights this is a fear that you learnt sometime in your life, normally in your childhood. Once you learnt this fear you automatically taught your subconscious this fear – basically that heights = risk to my person, then your subconscious from that moment on protected you against that threat. All the symptoms of a Phobia freezing, hot flushes, nausea, anxiety, the feelings of fear are all autonomic – they happen without your conscious thought.

So why doesn’t you subconscious upgrade to not being afraid when your conscious tells it I don’t want to be afraid any more? Two reasons saying it is a conscious action and is not connected to the subconscious part and secondly trust the subconscious has to be sure that this is for the betterment of the person.

If you know something you can not un-know that knowing, but if you have learnt something you can un-learn that learning, with knowledge.

Your subconscious always knows but can un-learn when you use the right tools and techniques.

So your subconscious will not upgrade the software automatically as that could be to the detriment of the person. It will however always upgrade if it has connection to the conscious and belief that it is for the betterment of the individual. It upgrades on surity not on a whim.

Your subconscious mind resists change and if challenged reverts back to basic values, this is why we find old habits so hard to shift. Also often we have ‘limiting beliefs” these are beliefs that limit us in some way or form – clients belief they can not do something or they can only go a certain distance on that course, career or relationship. A massive number of people have limiting beliefs regarding money and wealth in general.

An easy way for you to test this is answer the following questions – quickly and truthfully.

Do you want more money?

Most people answer Yes

What could you earn a year?

Did you answer $50,000, $100,000 , $10,000 or any other figure?

Why did you answer that figure, say $100,000 and not one say much higher, $500,000 – even though you answered Yes to the first question? Most would reply because they think that is the amount they could attain and give many reasons to support that claim.

However the real answer is this is your limiting belief on your worth and money and in this case that limiting belief can be actualised in a figure. Think about this for a moment you answered according to your beliefs and not your desire. Limited by a pre-conditioned belief.

Now – If I asked you how much would you like to earn I expect I would get a very different answer.

Your subconscious controls these limiting beliefs and acts to protect them always thus keeping you at or below your first answer.

So there is a simple answer to having more money – remove the limiting belief!


This also goes for other limiting beliefs. Some examples are:

    • “I couldn’t get offered that job”
    • “I wouldn’t attract that sort of partner”
    • “I can’t give up smoking”
    • “I always need sleeping pills, to sleep”

These are learned limiting beliefs and they can be changed.

Remember I talked about your subconscious as your filing system – well just like computer database storage how cool would it be to be able to add files – such as something to want to learn – or delete a file – say something that caused you tremendous grief. If you have access to your subconscious you control your filing system!

You can eliminate your constraints and add new beliefs you can manifest your dreams into reality.

I would like to quickly give you an example of the difference between your conscious and subconscious.

When you first learned to speak and read you had to practice continually this was conscious learning.

You practiced seeing the object and your parent saying what it was so you learnt that certain names matched certain images, when leaning to read you would have read and written the letters over and over, you slowly sounded out each word, learned what it meant, associated a picture and eventually it became automatic for you. All this was all conscious learning, until it became automatic.
Then as you practiced….

You see even right now as you read this you do not have to think about how to read. You just do it. As a matter of fact you couldn’t look at these words and not understand them.

I’ll prove it to you, go ahead and really try – I dare you…
Look at the following word and try not to understand it:


Can you do it? I bet you can’t.
I expect you even had an image of a cat.

Let me make it easier for you.
Try not to understand the following…
Yuor mnid is aimazngly perofwul! 
Wloceme to a wrold of hddien potential. Brtheae, realx, and konw that cahnge is esay when you use the peowr of your unconscouis mnid, the smae part taht atiutocamally understands thsee wrods.

What?? – You still understood?

The reason for this is because the subconscious mind is so much quicker and more powerful than the conscious mind. Think about it, your unconscious mind knows how to read, write, tie your shoes, drive a car, use a computer, cook, walk, and a million other things you never think about, but do automatically everyday.

So if you want to automatically be able to achieve anything in particular you must program your unconscious mind accordingly.
Instead of having cravings and bad habits you can program in new yearnings and good habits that will let you achieve
chagne is esay wehn you konw how

We have simple to use and easy to use tools and techniques to help you make these changes. CLICK HERE now to see them.


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