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Sexy Slim Fit n Fab is a product range that has been developed by B Inspired 2. It came about after so many of our clients presented with self-confidence and other issues surrounding their perceived success. When we got down to the nitty gritty of these issues the majority were due to problems surrounding weight control and personal image. In fact, over 80% of our clients felt they would be more successful if they were slimmer.

Another trait our clients shared was the number of failed diets they had tried. And the more times they failed, the more ingrained that failure became until some of them were failing before they even started. And for all the money and will in the world they couldn’t work out why.

Why wasn’t it working? Why, once the weight was gone did it come back – sometimes with a little extra? Why, that eternal question that so often should never be asked….

Until now, because after seeing so many clients and hearing so many stories of frustration, failure and despair we came up with the answer, and the answer is you need to lead with your mind.

Being experts in mind control, influence and modeling we were able to piece together the components required to ensure long term results for clients. For a total package we enlisted the services of expert fitness and nutritional advisors, and together with our knowledge and expertise Sexy Slim Fit n Fab was born.

So lets meet the experts:

Elly Hurley

Elly is one of the founders of B Inspired 2, and for many years has been working with others to achieve their goals and dreams. Prior to this Elly was a Police Officer with NSW Police, working largely in education and with young people.

She has always had a passion for sport, and for many years played softball at the highest level. She was brought to Australia (from New Zealand) in 1987 on a semi-professional contract as a softball pitcher. As both a player and coach Elly utilised many of the techniques she is now teaching, although at the time she was unaware she was doing so.

More recently Elly has studied the workings of the mind and has a particular interest in the behavioural aspects of individuals. As she says, “There is nothing better than finding out what makes you tick. Once you identify this and learn how to tap into it, nothing can hold you back.”

Elly has been very hands on in the development and production of the Sexy Slim Fit n Fab product range, utilising her life experiences, qualifications and desire to see others live a healthy and balanced lifestyle, along with her own desires to do the same.

Elly has an innate ability to simplify what other’s have succeeded in over complicating, making her an excellent coach and mentor. Her passion is infectious, and her openness and willingness to share her own experiences – the good, the bad and the downright ugly – provide plenty of motivation (and laughter) for her clients. She is able to combine compassion with brutal honesty to effect the greatest change for her clients, and above all else she instills a deep sense of confidence.

Helen Denney – Stone

Helen moved to Australia from the UK in 2002 and has been training, educating, learning and following her passion to make a difference by showing others how they can live the ultimate live. Always having a desire to learn more and being fascinated by the brain and the mind Helen has been studying neuroscience, psychology and behavioural sciences, nutrition psychology and is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and Coach.

Helen is the co-founder and principle at B Inspired 2 a company dedicated to educating people and showing them how to achieve a mindset magnificence and mastery that will allow them to make a difference. A difference in their own lives that of their families and in the lives of others.

“You know it is simple for me, I get the chance with B Inspired 2 to make a difference and have loads of fun doing it, I love educating and I get a rush seeing others make it, succeed and have their choices turn into reality – it’s a blast.”

Helen is an accomplished artist and loves sport, mostly watching now, but enjoys “a good walk spoiled” – golf! Helen is a bit of an adrenalin junky so has had some interesting experiences although not always ending in success!

“If you ask me about my life – I would say I have been lucky, I had a good grounding, I had opportunities and I took them, I failed, I succeeded, I learnt. My passion for having a go gets me through the failures and gives me the desire to do more with the successes.
I have also been incredibly fortunate to have been surrounded all my life by people who were/are honest, loyal, inspiring and importantly somehow continue to put up with me. If I could give any advice it would be that there is always a solution and anything is possible. Your brain and your mind are your biggest asset, your mindset is the difference that makes the difference learn how to make it magnificent. Live the ultimate live you want and deserve, never let anyone say you can’t – you can; and finally make a difference to others”

Christian Williams

Christian is our go to fitness expert, and was instrumental in the design of our 9 minute exercise programs. We first met Christian at a course we were doing together in 2011. His story is compelling. He has always wanted to represent Australia and is currently training with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Olympic Archery Team. But archery was not his first choice.

Christian was the captain of the Australian under 21 Lacrosse Team but in 2007 he had to give it up because he was diagnosed with a genetic heart defect, a condition that gave him an irregular heart rate and saw him hospitalised on several occasions. Determined to achieve his dream, Christian trained as a member of the Australian Winter Olympic development team for the luge and was a Victorian representative in the hammer throw. Again, due to his condition he had to give both of these up.

He had corrective surgery in 2007, but Christian’s condition still affects him. Missing the trails for the Australian archery team for the 2012 London Olympic Games because of a stint in hospital, he now has his eyes set on Rio in 2016.

Christian’s condition has meant he has had to perfect his training to maintain his physical peak condition whilst staying within the boundaries of what his heart allows him to do.

Words of wisdom from Christian, “Anybody can train if they want to. If I can train with my heart condition, there’s no reason you can’t train too. It’s all about participation, having a go. It’s not the time, the number, the intensity. It’s the doing.”

Christian is an extraordinary athlete with a steely determination to succeed and achieve his dreams. He has generously shared with us his knowledge of the body and a way to exercise in a timely, fun and effective way. Be sure to check out the 9 minute exercises and keep your eyes peeled for Christian at the next Olympics.

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